Phenomenon Of The Light – Energy, Healing To Empowerment!

The time is now to lift and perfect every area of our lives without holding back. All we need to do is take that first little step and the momentum has begun. Our new braveness and confidence is just around the corner, waiting for permission, waiting for the key to turn, waiting to be set free.

Anxiety and Stress can play a vital part in holding us back from potential in life. This awareness of holding back can surely cause much frustration.
Are there physical ailments such as pains and aches that annoy and even bring about more anxiety, stress and even possibly depression? Flaws in our people skills? Business skills? Training & Education Holdbacks? Are we not prospering as we once thought we should? Are we always putting off finding the mental clarity and confidence to go for that new promotion, job, romantic interest, car, holiday, home etc.

A lot of us are getting pretty good at ‘blame shifting’, or ‘negative focus shifting’. When we desperately need a person, group or object to focus our anger out onto. Politics, animal cruelty, social injustice, right through to bad service at the supermarket can trigger these negative feelings and even serve as a current target. A target to vent out our built up negative energy. This negative energy doesn’t necessarily make us bad people, but simply unconscious carriers of directionless junk energy. One of the biggest causes of ourselves gathering and housing this junk energy is because we all go through stages in life of having no control. We distract ourselves from the current junk energy with what we percieve are healthy alternatives. These alternatives hold us back even more so in many shapes and forms, such as television, radio, and even grudge social media. The wrong social media streams can only lead to the mouse in a wheel paradox that becomes a self-fuelled toxic environment that prides itself on idle gossip and even more negative venting of the junk energy. These circumstances can sadly lead to a state of apathy in other things which lead to a state of low interest or low motivation in many things or areas we once thrived in and were excited by.

Light Energy, Healing & Empowerment is our road to a new vision, actions and beliefs that bring upon with it a brand new vibrancy that will lift and change our consciousness to levels never before shared. It is about releasing the junk energy ‘safely’. Whilst doing so we take on the original positive, productive and high powered ‘Energy of the Limitless’.

So how does the Light Energy, Healing & Empowerment Work? Time to lift our spiritual and physical vibrancy? The Beginning of this is to re-see ourselves in the light, as light. This easy pure and clean exercise is the step in vanishing the old vision of ourselves as merely flesh going from day to day and we start to unlock a whole new being. This new Light Work enables our minds, bodies & spirits to transform energies, this new powerful ‘Light’ energy, replacing the old ‘Junk’ energy. Real peace is what becomes us as we proceed through the Light Energy Transformation. Long lasting trailing benefits we initiate and become as we increase and enhance in all the ways that pure light Energy can manifest.

Spiritually our old negative compulsions and conditions that hold us back will dissolve. We relax ourselves and become the comfortable with our posture and our breathing. Concentrate on nothing but the breathing. Fixate on the breathing and we let ourselves drift away with the images and sensations of our breathe. Let this take place for a good five to ten minutes as we observe.

“I am a river of bright light, this bright light flows through and around me. This light is continually replenishing and replacing itself with the brightest light I have ever seen. This new ever-brightening light is filling me up to the brim. Washing out the old junk energy and replacing this junk energy with the most powerful brightness that exists. This process keeps going, replacing, refilling to the brim, I am this river that keeps filling up with the light energy that comes from the sun and all the stars in my universe. My breathing keeps this river flowing and expanding, flowing and expanding, flowing and expanding. I can see and fill all the love and vitality moving in and around me. These exercises we do wash us to the core and fill us to the brim. These exercises wash over all of the important points in my body – all the chakras are always welcoming to this filling up of all light, energy that comes from all the stars in my universe. I am new, I am the brightest creation that exists. All of the vital universal frequencies run through me. These frequencies of pure light flowing right through me like pure waves from every star and into me. This pure white light that encompasses me is shared amongst the world to bring prosperity and fulfilment all around me and in everyone I come in contact with, the world around me is healing and empowering”.

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