This Frequency Of Empathy!

This sharing and healing action can only take place if the psychic activator is well attuned, and this happens with basic practice and persistence. Sharing with the ailed the force from this field of spiritual power and energy, directing to the willing ‘natural psychic energy’.

This energy force must be harnessed well for this to be readily projected onto the recipient, or us. We build the empathy and henceforth we operate with true connectedness, this is established through acceptance of these spiritual frequencies. This phenomenon can be likened to the inducing relaxing state of awareness through fine music, visual art or even the sound of rain, wind or waves. The spiritual empathy flows back and forth. Having physical contact of a specified kind can aid in the directness of the flow as this works with our nervous systems, promoting faster and more direct flow to the recipient. On the other hand it is not unusual for healing to take place when there is distance between the healer and the recipient, as this spiritual field of force knows no physical (space/time) boundaries. These physical boundaries quite often only act as a hinderance to those who see these boundaries as such. Healer and recipients must always try to work in conjunction with the parameters they already are comfortable believing and thenceforth, actualising miraculous results.

The least amount of opposition the spiritual healing field is exposed to, the better, hence the power of hand contact where barriers are broken down and positive belief systems are strengthened.

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