True Identity Tucked Within The Dreamscape!

Dreams could be the vital link in determining our true realities.

Being Aware when Dreaming (Lucid) many have experienced one time or another, this state blurs the lines even more as this quite common phenomena opens up a whole new philosophical question of – Could We Be Always In A Dream?

Dreams we Dream don’t take the simulation theory for what it is but for what it isn’t. The Condition of the Dream demonstrates proof that one cannot seperate the real world from an illusion of a real world experienced. The memory of experiences as state-of-awake and state-of-dream get blurred and this fact alone should push us to examine both experiences with an unbiased reasoning to somehow fathom which is more real, and which senses do we ‘actually’ rely upon?

Real Actuality of the Dream Reckoning is questioning ourselves, can we be always certain of our waking reality that we aren’t actually dreaming? “A Tiger, I Dreamt I was, Running Free”, after the tiger awoke, the tiger was wondering how he could make out if he was a human who had just finished dreaming a dream that he was indeed a tiger, or a tiger who had just commenced a brand new dream that he was – A Human.

Surreal Dreams, a paradox or an Actuality of ‘Simulated Reality’. Dreams could very well be the vital link in determining our true realities as the phenomenon of Dreams and the Evidence might be clearer than we think. Well known philosophers have held that our waking lives have uncanny similarities to our dreams which occur frequently for many on a highly regular basis. The ‘Perceiving State’ we are all under in dreams convinces us that this is the true reality we are experiencing and in ‘Waking Life’ we are under the same influence of this perceived state to be likewise convinced without a doubt that this is our true reality. In either state from waking life to dreaming state, it is the indistinguishable characteristics in similarities that we cannot ignore the possibility that we maybe dreaming right now!

The question of whether we are dreaming our own realities and living our own dreams and vice versa is a deep one. Dreams should be the first go-to in any doubt whatsoever of our very own questioning of perceived realities. We find and discover over and over again the same perception ingredients of our five sensors in both ‘perceived’ worlds. In the dream state we are constantly deceived of and by the ‘veil’ into believing this is our ‘Actual Reality’.

‘The Top Keeps Spinning’, Dreams have always held elements that can and are felt through the real world from deepest fears, dormant memories, to highly guarded secrets. We judge a dream of its very nature of total weirdness but while under the ‘dream veil’ we don’t judge the integrity. Many of us do not possess the skills or knowledge in waking life of engineering and spacial design to construct the dreams we dream, yet these constructs are very present and very tangible in the perceived dream state. Who or what really constructs these worlds, and who or what are currently constructing the future architecture of these worlds for ‘Our Dream Theatre’.

The complexities are out of reach for many and certain peculiar laws exist there just the same governing our actions and our responses. The science fiction thriller ‘Inception’, according to modern philosophy, has ‘well tangible reality’ attached to such a far-out notion in our not too distant future. The intelligence in many of our dream constructs is such that we act on situations before we think things through, therefore this intelligence is not our own. A very useful exercise for us to adapt is to stop several times a day and just ask ourselves, ‘Am I awake right now, how do I know I’m awake, have I seen this in a dream, have I met this person in a dream?’ This is a very useful trick to use in enabling lucid dreaming to occur and becoming fully aware/control throughout a dream. The lines get ‘blurred’ or ‘clarified’ as we ask ourselves these very questions, and through our dream state these same questions have a higher chance of popping up, when and if they do, we have reached a Lucid State of Dreaming.

Build the Opportunities: Shared dreams can and will take on incredible opportunities in enlightenment such as astronomy and even a vivid look at past classics and even wars in the past or in the working. The learning environment becoming the limitless. Dream Entertainment at will, being the deeply internal device we all possess. Enlightenment will have no boundaries whatsoever but only boundaries of willingness and topic preference. Dreams within dreams where we take ourselves or are taken to new deeper levels where the usual constructs of even time take on complete different meaning and boundaries. As in dreams we know that an hour or so in our waking state can be condensed to a mere few minutes or seconds inside the dream. This phenomenon of time-irregularity gets even more intense the deeper down the rabbit hole we go. Where the constructs change and take on different laws and even the characteristics of the fellow dreamer and of our selves, where the dream-governing takes on new dimensions never seen or experienced ever before…

Are the Programmers Creating these Dream Architectures or are they being ‘Created by Us’ Simulation Creators or Caretakers – friend or foe?

Lucid Being