Tutorial On The Abstract Method

Doing Digital Fine Art Rendering is all about choices (There Are NO Magic Buttons). It all begins with finding the ideal image to begin with.

Three Externals Programs (Apps) Are Used In All Projects.

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Pexels Images, Glaze and Photoshop Express.

In my case using Apple iPad – All Three From The Apple iStore – FREE!

Alternatively – On Android Only Pexels and PS Express Are Available – An Alternative For Glaze Will Need To Be Sourced – A bit of research and anything is possible.




Unprocessed Photo Sourced From Personal And Commercially Free Images (This one Found On Pexels Free Images)



Once in Glaze we have almost endless choices. I have personally found after much trial and error my favourite for the most natural outcome for THIS particular image.






Once we have our Glazed Image it is time to open this image in PS Express. Everyone will of course have their own personal preferences of process, but here is my process (in order) after doing this for quite some time.

Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, Vibrance, Clarity, Contrast…

Every image will have its own objective slider changes – All Personal Artistic Preference. (NO TWO IMAGES ARE THE SAME).

Photoshop Express




Our Completed Outcome!

Entirely New Dimensions, Depth And Colour!



Ash – Lucid Being

Originally my early passions were strictly Fine Art Photography, using long long exposures in time to bring out new dimensions in the magic of the night.

(Bachelor Of Arts In Photography)

Currently, my days and nights are taken up by blog, article and book authoring, in between – Digital Fine Art Rendering!

Any Queries and/or Input Please Don’t Hesitate.

Lucid Being




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