Round Table Energy Mentors – Like Us!


Round Table Energy Mentors – Like Us!

Premonitions of events or feelings, even a lucky stab at guessing something are all exciting when they happen, but tapping into this ‘collective pool’ on cue is something of a spiritual utopia.

The wisdom already exists where we seek. This can be aligned to ‘a round table’, a round table that exists in our personal consciousness. We throw questions out there to the qualified inhabitants on this table, and listen for energy and wisdom. The table-inhabitants can be anyone in history, present or even completely imaginary, as even ‘imaginary’ once housed in our consciousness long enough become real – to a point, to us – depending on us!

Lucid Being


3 thoughts on “Round Table Energy Mentors – Like Us!

  1. You’ve got to construct your own pantheon of entities. But like any council, we tend to have those select 1 or 2 whose advice and guidance we most immediately recognise.
    I don’t hear voices, lol. Just expressing metaphors. In a “I don’t hear or see dead people” sense, we can recognise that inkling as “instinct” or “a feeling” about something.

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