Duplicates Of Us? – True Observations!

Philosophers and theorists both have ideas relating to the much talked about ‘multiverse’ or ‘duplicate universe’, but what about ‘Duplicates of Us’?

One such view is that these universes to be such a thing as spatiotemporally interrelated objects by nature and do not or cannot interact with other universes in the scheme. Other views from philosophers and theorists are the spatial argument, this holds the view of these many universes are related to one another in a dimension that is spatial in design.

After all, these strong alternate beliefs on the multiverse and all it’s possible constructs, there are still quite a few philosophers and theorists that choose to remain neutral, (and remain on the multiverse theory fence), at least until more proof one way or the other comes to light. More related theories however are in the spotlight, and these are the possibility that multiverses just may house duplicate universes, just when we thought things couldn’t get any more deeper and confusing. These duplicate universe theories on the other hand go against what a lot of experts prefer to believe and this is a principle of identity. The ‘duplicate’ universe theory is contrary to the ‘principle of identity’ theory. However many universes there may likely be, the feasibility of an infinite amount of universes becomes even easier to grasp.

Is there a plenitude of ‘Duplicates of Us’? After effects of the birthing events of matter, all with different, similar or mixed properties of physics. Some with habitable zones hospitable to life and some without. Luck of the dice? Our particular zone is the only lucky one? Parallel or duplicate universes are all highly postulated ideas. With the level of postulation comes an equal amount of feasibility and conceivability of this universe being a simulated one. All pre-planned by the simulation builders to put fourth exactly the desired simulated world or worlds that are ultimately perfectly conceived.


If this proposition is anywhere true, then the simulation creators naturally come from somewhere. Possibly a real universe, an original universe, with matter and laws of physics far different to the laws of physics we know. This original universe so different that only the ‘creator species’ can exist in such a place. True observation of the universe around us surely has its limits, these limits peculiarly are the resolution we can go. Visual observation must be taken out of the equation for there is only so far our limited understanding can take us, visually.
A simulated universe of course would have its limits of what its inhabitants could see, hence the nature of quantum physics. Or is this a natural limit to our knowingness? A planned simulation default or safeguard. We must see through and beyond the mathematics to fathom the construct we are in. Speaking of mathematics, it is highly probable that this simulated universe is one of many, and we are all the exact replicants of the original. To replicate the intricate mathematical algorithms would be far more desirable by the creators than to throw out there an unpredictable mess of inhabitants with no sure survival. If we are made in his image, so they say, we would emulate similar reasoning. This reasoning to duplicate for study purposes and more importantly, the purpose of a ‘survival model’.

Another hypothesis is going the complete opposite of surface reasoning, and this is the opportunity of the simulation creators to create our simulation completely at random. This randomness in algorithms can very much further their intellectual knowledge far more than the predictable could ever do. The creators of our simulation not even knowing where we are going from one war to the next, extinctions, climate predicaments, human endeavours, space travel and so on. Our reality and unpredictability is a gift.

A gift or not, the physics of this simulation are governed mathematically by the creators housed in an ongoing ever-changing formula that needs monitoring by the monitors. These monitors being simulations within the simulations. Existing as a plenitude of simulations. Impossible to decipher where one begins and one ends.
The simulation evidence builds and builds just as the ‘theory’ of simulations build upon themselves. Our minds may never be fully up to the task of knowing the supposed unknowable. Simply because in the big picture of things our roles in this simulation are to play the game. To be the game. Not to tamper with the construct. As inhabitants of this ‘built universe’ we are observed for purposes of future universe simulations.

If any of these reality scenarios is a touch depressing and hopeless then a settling additional thought is that the non-simulation theory of a universe purely built upon and from itself is not really any different. So the reality of simulations building other simulations gives far more searching hope of our one day maybe finding answers that await our open minds. Does each one of us belong to a biological information list? This bio info list as opposed to mathematics, ones and zeros may never be truly answered as the true makeup that makes us may only be found in the ether of the atom that simulations are never meant to define, hence the safeguarding of the invention.


An information list is all we’ll ever be unless we are pre-destined (pre-programmed) to connect spiritually, and by this meaning with other simulations higher on the simulation scale. For this to happen we must look within, into the ether of our atoms, for this is truly where the communicative linking will take place. On the smallest scale, still unobservable (to simulations). These digital bits of the information list are the hard drive, without need of physical connection to one another, but stellar quantum communication.

If we are of the random type of simulation then this is the key, the random key that can be turned by the right combination, such journey is ours if we but only see. If we are just the simulation created by others then we are linked descendants in one form or another to our ascendants (the originals). The actuality of chance or pre-design intervention by the originals, or even by the more advanced simulations.

The randomness, information tweaking for us to stay on track, pristine evolution and knowledge IS the End Game, and the more we observe, the more we construct our own realities that are the ‘Duplicates of Us’.

Lucid Being