Enter The Limitless Lucid Road!

This is prominently the mind-body-spirit connection that all of us have in our capabilities right through existence whether before, through or after this physical realm.

As our consciousness develops outside the box of conventional thought we realize that in this state we have become very suggestible. This suggestibility is not unlike being under a hypnotized state. In this miraculous state we can heal! This auto-suggestion can be likened to hypnotherapy, healing ranging from arthritic pain, cartilage pain, back pain through to mental blockages in learning/memory retention/memory recall, even the further we go we discover new spiritual/psychic abilities we never dreamed existed.

We will direct the unlimited psychic energy to our areas of interest. We liken these new healing abilities to elite sportspeople mentally preparing for a world’s top level tennis match or running and winning a marathon or race driving the Indi 500.

Lucid Being