Start Over – Observe The Prestige and Vanquish Nothing!

How often have we had such thoughts as ‘I Wish I Could START OVER!’, Vanquish the Mistakes, Improve on Presence and even just possibly ‘think’ things through greater? Us of the earth (Zen) over time begin to break the negative links and observe as we ARE – if only without corruption of direction we become our own Influencers of The Prestige Observance… More


Socrates And The Spiritual!

Socrates, who wisely spoke the ultimate advice such as ‘Know Thy Self’, ‘True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing‘, ‘I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing’. Socrates also claimed that he had close personal experiences of the psychic kind, or spiritual kind, whichever translates well with our ‘accepted understanding’… More


Changelings, Fear Of Fairies And The Earthling Avatar!

Also thrown into the mix was the switching of the elderly for the young and the young for the elderly. The body merely as the avatar (shell) and at times a ‘soul switch’. In awareness and healthy fear of these occurrences, the earthling parents would go to such extremes as to utilising charms. These charms would scare off any chance of the earthing child theft. Even such lengths as to even stay and constantly guard over the child day and night in fear of fairies… More