Self-Publishing – And Sharing Your Book With The World!

(Just a few basic steps in a nutshell to hopefully take some of the hocus pocus out)

Whether it’s a 6,000, 10,000 or a 30,000 word collection of a genre one is passionate about, from poetry, fiction, non-fiction, there just may be a niche market of reader/buyers of your chosen genre – to share with!


  • Start an account with Draft2Digital and Kindle Self Publishing Amazon.

Draft2Digital is an umbrella publishing platform – once uploaded there, books go into about 10 different electronic book stores such as Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Playster, and so on…

  • Start compiling your work in a word program such as Office Word or Wordpad.
  • Design the cover in programs such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator etc. Save as a jpeg. Research similar other books and book covers online for visual guidance.

(If no desire for self-designing then hire a book cover designer)

(If no desire or patience for editing one’s own work then hire an editor – if cashed up enough of course)


Draft2digital formats manuscripts automatically, whereas Amazon doesn’t do this. Before uploading to Amazon, one needs to manually format, such as font size eg: Font Size 12 or 13 and choosing the relevant typeface for your genre.

By following the bouncing ball through all the self-Publishing prompts and questions the last choice is price – completely up to the individual. Amazon – $2.99 – $9.99. Draft2Digital – Free to Whatever. Yes that’s right, on D2D you can share your official work for free until gaining enough confidence to one day charge and be compensated for your creative/intellectual work.

All these and many other choices through this process can of course be altered at any time. For example we start a book for free, then a week later we may decide to charge a few bucks for a week, and then maybe even back to free. If self-confidence is really high and a good feeling for demand of your certain genre, topic, story or poetry – then the sky is the limit. My personal advice would be to start a book for free – who knows, as a free eBook, this book being free just may much faster gather some encouraging critical reviews and traffic to build confidence even quicker.

Also as we evolve visually and with the writing, we may wish to replace the cover with a new design. Even updated and expanded writing can be uploaded to replace the old with the new as we improve and change tack.


As with many self-publishers out there, many will concur that usually any success in book sales comes down to self-promotion – building visibility through social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, WordPress, Medium, YouTube and so on… Visibility Is King!

Whichever level you are at, 

Best of luck! Any questions, suggestions or corrections at all – please don’t hesitate!

Lucid Being – Ash