Empathy Of The Present! – A Walk In The Park?

Is empathy really the act of experiencing this world as someone else does?

As an actor embodies the character he or she is playing (living) – so too does the Empath, The Empath whether consciously or subconsciously takes on the feelings and emotions of another. Leading to greater understanding. However, when taking on these feeling and emotions, we must be aware that we take on even the undesirable feelings and emotions. The sometimes less than honourable traits we delve into – we experience, we live.

As we become the same with this person we share their situations, their sensations, even their ideologies. Whether this is sensation-empathy or situation-empathy or something far deeper – character-empathy. The areas of their brains which experience joy or pain become the areas of our brains, new patterns form and evolve.

Next time someone says, “I Feel What You’re Going Through”, whether an empathic comforter or a mere metaphor, we stand to be on guard and not open ourselves to the (possible) undesirable emotions too readily. We need to remind ourselves – ‘Are these emotions productive, are these emotions moving in the right direction?’ 

Rather than being a passive sponge to the outer world, Empaths are far better off taking back control, being proactive with feelings and emotions. Taking ownership of the present. We need to guard ourselves from what we are likely to empathise with. Wrong emotions gathered can quite easily become habit-forming. On the other hand great (positive) emotions we witness, share and experience are the fruits of enlightenment. We build on this and we armour ourselves against all the rest. Finding ourselves in a realm of undaunted strength that walking a mile in anyone’s shoes will become A Walk In The Park!   

Lucid Being