A Woman’s Night Flight To Fancy

Jacky never knew what hit her when she was invited on a City Limits Joy Flight for a Christmas Work Bonus. ‘Oh My, I’ve never been on a private plane before, let alone even looked inside one!’ Jacky’s boss Helena Ritchies, a top flight lawyer in a top flight city law firm doesn’t let a good deed pass, or let a good paralegal be under-appreciated by any stretch… More



Sailing In And Out Of Any Port! 

“Well, Um, Ar…” I stumble out of my stutter, “I’m Abby, and I would love a cup of tea.” I look and now I see, the most welcoming face I have ever seen. I climb aboard and admire the wonderful ocean going craft from where I stand, but what I admire more is the stunning woman welcoming me – like in a dream… More



Rain Drops Are Swing’n!

It was a heavily overcast-cloudy day but humid. Cyril and myself were lounging about and enjoying the odd dip, and gin. The clouds were getting even a touch darker now as I looked up, I was standing in the shallow end leaning about, Cyril comes over and runs her hand gently over my chest… More



Mulholland – The Night Cruise!

Returning through the night. We are on the slow drive under the moonlight with the city in our wake. My boss and I are returning from the usual commitments of the city. Back to the Quiet Coast of Mulholland when something phenomenal had just occurred… More



Sharing The Mulholland Night Cruise With The Colleagues!

We cruise down the quiet backroads and eventually we reach the driveway of the corporate getaway. Something deep down inside me puts me at ease about what just happened, and Rose too. Our thoughts are together. As the car quietly stops we lean toward each other and kiss once again… More



Sharing Is Caring – And All That Jazz!

My girlfriend (Sue), myself and a good friend of mine (Jake) were having an afternoon of music, cocktails and a general chat about the world. Jazz was the mutial choice of music and chat, Duke Ellington’s Best Hits, windows darkened for even more of the tempo… More