We Can’t See, We Can’t Hear, Even Think! – It Is All The Fooling Nature?

There is no Sight, Sound, Colour, Music, Art – Even Hindsight!

These Creations – we are the Brilliant Composers. We see in our brains – our eyes do not see, they send the signal. We hear in our brains – our ears don’t hear, they are the sender of the signal. The same for touch, smell and taste etc.

Sendors – Our brains receive this stimuli by way of our nervous systems, then on to our perceptive centres of our brain from the advanced deciphering, in turn this gives us  – our realities we think that are our realities of our past, present and future.

Taken as electrical impulses, all things originate in the sensory centres of our brains and therefore Enlarge in the sensory centres of the mind! We imagine or perceive that these senses ARE reality. In fact these senses are not real, us as humans do not have the proof of what matter is really like on the outside of our minds!

We are living from moment to moment on ‘sent and received’ messages we perceive to be our unquestionable reality.

“All matter is transparent to the Atom’s Nature.” – Lucid Being


Full Realism!