The Use Of Hyperspace To Enter Real Or Fictional New Dimensions!

The most common use of the parallel universe concept in science fiction is the concept of hyperspace. Used in science fiction, the term “hyperspace” often refers to a parallel universe that can be used as an acronym for interstellar travel faster than light. 

The reasons for this form of hyperspace vary from job to job, but the two common elements are: It is possible to enter and leave this hyperspace with reasonable ease. There are reasons to enter hyperspace and leave instead of traditional trips (generally because it’s faster than the traditional method).

Sometimes “hyperspace” is used to indicate the concept of additional coordinate axes. In this model, it is assumed that the universe is “crumpled” in a higher spatial dimension, and that a ship traveling in this higher spatial dimension can travel long distances in the common spatial dimensions. 


An analogy is to fold a newspaper into a ball and place a needle in a straight line. The needle will drill widely spaced holes in the two-dimensional surface of the paper. While this idea creates a “new dimension,” it is not an example of a parallel universe. It is a scientifically more plausible use of hyperspace.

Although the use of hyperspace is common, it is used primarily as a tracking device and is therefore of lesser importance. Although the concept can invoke a parallel universe, the nature of the universe is not frequently studied. Although hyperspace stories are the most common use of the concept of the parallel universe in fiction, this is not the most common source of fiction about parallel universes.

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