The Astral Taoist – When Two Converge Into One!

The Breathing Contemplation: Taoist catalytic practice includes formation of a vitality body by breathing contemplations, drawing vitality into a ‘pearl’ that is then “circulated”. “Xiangzi … with a drum as his pad fell sleeping soundly, wheezing and unmoving. His primordial soul went straight into the meal room and stated, “My rulers, here I am once more.” 

When Tuizhi strolled with the authorities to investigate, truly was a Taoist resting on the ground and wheezing like thunder. However inside, in the side room, there was another Taoist pounding a fisher drum and singing Taoist tunes. The authorities all stated, “Despite the fact that there are two unique individuals, their countenances and garments are actually similar. 

Plainly he is a heavenly godlike who can partition his body and show up in a few places on the double. … suddenly, the Taoist came about, and the Unconscious Taoist on the ground became Conscious.

These two beings converged back into the one.