Rethinking Intuition


Rethinking Intuition

Recently, some philosophers have cast doubt about intuition as a basic tool in philosophical inquiry, from Socrates up to contemporary philosophy of language. In Rethinking IntuitionĀ various thinkers discard intuition as a valid source of knowledge and thereby call into question ‘a priori’ philosophy.



3 thoughts on “Rethinking Intuition

  1. Apparently, such people have been too distracted to follow intuition. It has gotten me past many difficulties, when I have tuned into it and I’ve had many difficulties from ignoring it. Keen intuition requires very close attention.

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  2. What you have here is the familiar wave of conservatives who struggle to limit how life, consciousness and awareness are perceived. They play a useful role as a reality check but are not reliable guides for understanding who we are in the world and how it all comes together.

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  3. My sister gave me the best advice regarding intuition. If something doesn’t feel right don’t ignore it because something had to have had happen for the feeling to come up. She was right

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