Meditational / Observational Is The Zen We Become!

We shape our inner selves and see more clearly the more we see things how they are – ideally point zero. This creates a change in the way we approach others and the realities we create. Truth in all areas start to arise, we accept – we become this.

All of the new understanding becomes highly personal and highly social. Insight of how everything is… Is the Zen and how We Are! Take away our everyday circumstances that dominate our clarity – our futures, our tomorrows, our next five minutes. Our pasts, presents and futures more often than not include others. We constantly compare ourselves with others, from past, present being to our futures. Take away the wasteful comparison-playing and we are left to Objectify and Generate for a higher purpose.

We stop time – live in the now, and we stop reliving past disappointments, past grievances, past mis-judgements. These negative emotions only grow in the wrong conduits. The mathematics we use in every moment in the equations we sum, all take a back seat, the opposites which polarise the more we dwell shrink to point zero. 

Our magical point where good and bad doesn’t monopolies our existence. These good/bad elements that grow with every further experience – the maths that navigate our every thought needs a break. Our ‘point zero’ is our unexpected destination where real freedom of existence is the starting point, the futures point and our midway point of zero.

How often have we had such thoughts as – ‘I wish I could start over’, vanish the mistakes, improve on performances, think things through better? Practitioners of Zen Meditation over time learn to break the negative links and observe as we are, without corruption of direction we become masters of conducive observation. All this isn’t religion as such, but rightfully nurturing Zen into our lives, our own persistence and willingness to dream, touch and see.

Any such belief system is a wide open door to Zen. Our minds naturally wander – we enter into our midway point of zero – our truest of self! Perfection in our lives doesn’t need less or more. Real Perfection doesn’t need accumulation of objects, doesn’t need getting rid of objects. Happiness IS the midway point of moments in no time. These are the only moments we are truely rich.

We soak in the naked, rich self that discovers our enlightened point.