The Virtual Daylights And The Sum Of Our Parts

We ejected the three down on the luck crew at the stroke of midnight into the cold still voidness of the deep n’ cold still space. There were streaks of their handiwork/demise all through Green Door. Real world remnants left behind, but not left behind, are the ones that’ll live on to haunt our living and our ‘once were feeling’ imaginings. Green Door rumbled as it reached a sphere uncluttered of stain n’ debris. The decks of spatter were re-nano forming. A dozen of us had become infected with the early strain. We knew we had only moments.

Green Door settled on a re-healing orbit. A purifying orbit. The rumbling stopped. We were carried through the mechanism and showered. I tried to open my eyes but the gravity of what has been kept them otherwise. We stayed in silence. More virtual nano entered with every passing point in time. The sounds of rupture clapped our ears and shook the virtual daylights of our near and naked reality in check. I look back and see for the first time as my skin peels, OUR first time look at Green Door from the cold n’ OUTER SPACE – so lucky are the few for our skin was full-metal-Nano/Human-left-behind and for the next is the sum of all that was.