The Enchanted Experience – Esoteric Or Mainstream!

The expression “enchanted understanding” has turned out to be synonymous with the expressions spiritual experience, otherworldly experience and sacrosanct experience.

A “spiritual encounter” is an emotional encounter which is deciphered inside a mental parameter of the unseen. The idea started in the nineteenth century, as a barrier against the developing logic of western society. Following the underlying beginnings of the idea of “esoteric happenings” contending that religion depends on a sentiment of the endless.

The idea of “spiritual experience” was implemented to guard religion against the becoming logical and mainstream. A wide scope of developments from the four corners of the world have fused and affected the rise of the advanced idea of “mysterious experience, for example, the Perennial theory, Transparency of Spirituality, Believers of one and the same Universe, the Religious New Thought, Neo-Vedanta and the Eastern Believer.

Ash Lucid🌙