The Inner-Immunity Battle Ground – We Link / We Create! 

The inner associations we build inside our mental and immune systems so strongly align with exercise – on so many levels!

Our body’s’ battles and association of resilience steps up when physical and mental activity is stepped up. It’s that simple. Regularity becoming the operative word. Longer living, decreased chances of flu, pneumonia, obesity, lower cell-breakdown. All leading to happier living which also leads to longer living.

Cells in our bodies that are immunity-linked get a kickstart every time we introduce moderate-to-vigorous physiological activity. Activities such as walking to brisk walking, slow cycling to fast cycling, slow swimming to fast swimming, yoga, meditation/breathing can and does initiate the vital immunity-related ‘Cell’ Movement.

We may find ourselves in places where it’s hard to exercise or find ourselves battling in the non-conducive seasons, but it still comes down to ‘a little is always far better than nothing.’ Even for those that do not wish to start gym memberships – think about going casually once a week and ‘moderately/safely using a wide ever-changing variety’ (depending of course on one’s own age, personal level, limitations). Giving our cells a new perspective once a week is far better than letting things go for months on end. This discipline alone can lead to eventual great routines (day-by-day more regular) and life-changing ‘Immunity-Related Cell-Movement.’

Fewer illnesses on many levels in the long term are a routine away. Food intake changes, heading toward healthier weight, better sleep, more ability to do more next time and recover faster.

Indoor activities without leaving the home such as simple and safe cardio exercises once every few days are also in the field of ‘a little is always far better than nothing.’ Mixing things up can always go a long way physically and in always creating new mental associations which also leads toward happier living / better and longer life!   

Ash Lucid🌙