History As We Knew It – Basic Needs Of A Scholar!


History As We Knew It – Basic Needs Of A Scholar!

A line drawn in the sand to separate what we knew as prehistoric and historic gets blurred out if we really cease to really exist in the present. 

The past and future equally need representation by consciousness. We hand down habits, traditions, knowledge, even prejudice, only to reluctantly carry a lot into the future for countless generations to come. Are we really determined fundamentally by the conditions (material) at a glance, such as the historical Marxism Theory? This is really and purely the relationships we have with one another to actually exist for example: food, clothing, shelter, etc. The means to an end, to fulfil these. 

Marxism, although being an orthodox system in the Soviet Union for many years has now slipped into a more of a historiography realm that essentially only the scholar pursues, to shift these historic lessons onward for others to learn from.

Ash Lucid🌙


6 thoughts on “History As We Knew It – Basic Needs Of A Scholar!

  1. Good morning.
    I believe that those theories such as Marx and Engels’, have rarely been fully applied. I think communism was hijacked like other ideals are today, to achieve totalitarianism back then. I agree with you that they are today theories and historical records to be studied. We have the results of the experiment. Cheers!

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  2. “Christ Mark Mission”

    Some call it communism but I prefer to think of it more as community.

    In the end who cares about what system we use or what we call it if it actually works for us instead of against us like so many which have come and gone in the past?

    For example if someone suddenly goes from $10 per hour to $30 per hour due to a King taking over there country like let’s say Canada?

    I assure you they will be preaching long live the King in no time regardless of where he came from.

    “The painting reflects the man and vice versa, like mirrors”

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      1. Cheers with beers, having a Stella right now to start the process of breaking down that third wall in the mind again.

        Like the meme, I won’t talk about politics…three beers later…starts ranting and raving lol

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