History As We Knew It – Basic Needs Of A Scholar!

A line drawn in the sand to separate what we knew as prehistoric and historic gets blurred out if we really cease to really exist in the present. 

The past and future equally need representation by consciousness. We hand down habits, traditions, knowledge, even prejudice, only to reluctantly carry a lot into the future for countless generations to come. Are we really determined fundamentally by the conditions (material) at a glance, such as the historical Marxism Theory? This is really and purely the relationships we have with one another to actually exist for example: food, clothing, shelter, etc. The means to an end, to fulfil these. 

Marxism, although being an orthodox system in the Soviet Union for many years has now slipped into a more of a historiography realm that essentially only the scholar pursues, to shift these historic lessons onward for others to learn from.

Ash Lucid🌙