Immaculate DNA Of Our Tomorrow In Colour!

AI – Our Last Invention, The Intelligent Human Solution, Future Rulerships, Cyber Enlightenment As The New Currency, The Social Versus The Digital Paradox?

It’s not too far out there to assume that the makings of the immaculate computer systems and programs required for such artificial realities is just a stone’s throw away for quantum technology. Futurologists and Philosophers from all fields see this as the sure inevitability of our species to have this very capability in our own hands sooner than later!

These technological forecasts (if true as many believe) in the landscape of our not too stretched imaginations, will graphically enlighten us on the complete beginnings, origins and distant far off futures of (this) universe and more.

The hierarchy and The Top Sight Teams, whether human, non human, (or mixed) from different levels and branches still rely on hierarchy. This hierarchy still needs to exist in any possible form of effective teams of leadership to be productive in any measure. Structures of the open kind, processes more fluid, more management at the ‘top sight’.

More central understanding of the big picture. The most precious of all the commodities known to humans IS the intellectual big picture in colour!

Lucid Being🌙