Anti-Enlightenment – Dreamt! Awake Equals Current State?

Rate of vibration – the differing planes of existence – the organisational means of how ‘our’ many dimensions of consciousness relate to our lives. 

Sets of laws that govern the perimeters and self-explore the once were boundaries. These perimeters or ‘principles’ have and operate under a code, a code that is the frequency – This Frequency Eternal.

How these dimensions co-exist and organise their whole universe of varying dimensions is partly based upon frequency and rate of vibration, or the non-rate of vibration. A non-rate can be likened to anti-matter, and the extreme little we know on this level or any other ‘vital’ level toward enlightenment, or ‘anti-enlightenment’ for that matter.

The very little of our consciousness we are aware of, or have been projected into via a dense form we call physical. The numerous dimensions we concurrently experience and even cross-over from dimension 4 to 9 or 12 to 7 is just another complication we must contend with in comprehending beyond. Multi-intricate coding of today’s tech giants are no strangers to the concept of a hundred story office building that is ever so constantly crisscrossing information from slower and faster organisations that won’t ever see one another. 

How multi-intricacy coding takes effect we somehow exist inside the frequency of many. As many dimensions can make our trip through time just that bit more affable and digestible as not to continually fall out of synch. As a common house fly sees our waving hand in ultra slow motion, we see the many messages and mental enlightenments as merely a racing flutter – the flutter of butterfly’s wings we don’t decipher.

We slow the flutter we find the invisible – in the state of dream. Reflection of the spirit awakens and we slip inside the eye of the anti-enlightenment we call Awake.

Lucid Being