When We Are In A State Of Full Awareness While Dreaming!

Lucidity in dreams have many varying levels and degrees. Although this state of being has been ignored by many psychological dream experts, Lucidity while Dreaming has a wealth of untapped potential in Enlightenment, Heightened Spiritual Energy and Spiritual Healing for Many.

Usually occurring in our R.E.M. Stages, Lucid Dreaming is reasonably rare. Most people barely find enough time and patience to even concentrate long enough to focus on their recent dreams let alone delve into this incredible and powerful tool we all have at our disposal.

Full Lucid State Dreaming is when we are in full control of our dream surroundings and we are 100% influential of this world, leading to our new limitless capabilities. Creativity and confidence become the limitless and along with many other areas we haven’t yet been aware of in our day to day intricate lives.

Dream goals, whether awake or asleep is the (free) platform with powers and efficiency dating back even to Ancient teachings of wisdom through our Ever-Searching Earthbound Existences.