The Astral Versus The Etheric – Journeying To Other Worlds!

The two different ways in which the expression “astral Projection” has been used – and how they relate to one another and to the lucid?

Journeying to other worlds, heavens, different spheres, parallel landscapes, passing over thresholds are retained in the classical, the medieval, the here and the now philosopher’s quest! All these images come to mind when we envision the non-physical travel around this physical world or universe we exist.

The two different terms have been used by the mystic circles to describe the astrological spheres that incite spiritual intrigue from the beginning of time – time too is the exceptional perception that becomes the “third integral”.

“Etheric travel”, became, and continues to become the widespread distinction of use, adding new layers and even more usage of the term by Theosophists, Philosophers, and more importantly those with the awakened heart.

“Out of body” in this physical world is the “etheric” – visiting different times and/or places. “Out of body” in the “astral” leaning more toward ‘alterations’ – these alterations being in time perception, landscape perception and even the perception of other beings.

“Other Dimensional Time Zones”, “Silver Cord Cradle Of The Falling Dream”, all connected with the separation and projection of the astral. The “here-now” and the “double” is always the question.

The “etheric double” has always been perceived as being the conduit from the astral and the physical world. The etheric double has always been aligned to “vital force” – vital force enables change, change in physical form! The question is whether one is in the astral world at the same time one can see the physical world?

Physical settings that have absolutely no parallel to one’s inner description and have environments that have no parallel with even Dreams become the “mystical” – this mystical doesn’t treat the astral or the etheric as one higher than the other, but both integral parts of the Silver Cord Cradle Of Lucid State… Above Time!

Lucid Being🎋