To Be Passive – Or To Act Out Our Dreams!

The dreams we dream and the nature of the vividness we hold Real is the REM Sleep we encounter regularly. The vivid dreams our brains conjure. The muscles of our bodies are temporarily inhibited by the chemicals that are released. These are the ways in form of what nature builds in us to prevent the natural tendencies we have to act out what we dream. This is nature’s sleep paralysis. Each and every REM stage we reach we enter the ordinary day to day or night to night arena of sleep paralysis. The on average four times we reach REM per our night’s sleep – this is how often we reach our sleep paralysis.

The real phenomenon we address as a major enigma is sleep paralysis in our ‘waking state’! Experiencing full consciousness but not being able to move. However how much involuntary we gauge this – the occurrence of this is the transition we transfix as we pass between these stages from sleep to awake. Whether this phenomenon occurs for a few minutes or even only for a couple of seconds, we experience the similar, which is the uncanny inability to speak or move while in a conscious state.