Shadow People And Other Creatures – The Restraining!

The frequent demonic encounters we as humans face from time to time through sleep-paralysis in the dream-state – purely the enigmatic mechanism?

Imaginations run riot through the dream-state is why we experience the hallucinations of fear and dread during a time of relative helplessness. Being restrained by the supernatural – usually when most unexpected! Seeing and sensing almost becoming one. Dream and sleep-paralysis experts assure us that we are not being attacked, but reassuringly, we are having hypnagogic hallucinations.

Actions the sleep-paralysis dreamer may take are ‘closing one’s eyes’, this can shut out the visions – these visions we build block by block. Our other senses may still experience the visitations. Auditory hallucinations – voices and even other sounds we cannot describe. Descriptions can be highly elusive whether we are seeing through our eyelids or through the spirit world we attempt to explain away.

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