Through The Drifting Stage – Dozing And The Induced Sleeper!

Most of us do not sleep at the click of the fingers, unless of course we are extremely tired. In fact, these are the intricate stages in a series of levels thanks to the many cues our minds respond to. As we ‘normally’ sleep, we are mostly unaware of any of these stages. 

Our muscles in these sleep stages are immobilised so we don’t ‘physically’ act out our dreams. When our mind is awake however, it is likely and possible to be mindful and aware of this sleep paralysis.

Somnambulant phenomenon, such as sleepwalking is really the exact opposite side of the sleep coin. Our bodies NOT being immobilised while our minds are asleep. What we ‘normally’ experience is that unless our minds are first asleep, our bodies cannot fall asleep.

Bringing On The Sleep Paralysis…

Methods to bring on this sleep paralysis are to create the same conditions we experience when we are falling asleep – we may lie as we normally would while we would normally fall asleep. We try self-control as we are waiting to drift off. Resisting the usual urges we succumb to such as rolling over or scratching the chin. These usual urges we have are the real cues we experience as we drift off. By ignoring these we remain clearly aware of what we usually take for granted. These cues are the cues we have and these are telling us we are now sleeping.

The urges we ignore are the urges that talk us into the fact or belief that we are actually asleep. Otherworldly sensations we experience are the otherworldly sensations we sure enough experience as sleep paralysis surely kicks in. We hold fast to the new self-control of NOT giving in to temptations of rolling over or scratching. We may feel weighed down by the doona or sheets, these may become overbearingly heavy, weighing down the physical form but NOT the spiritual form.

Like every new untapped experience we may become nervous, even frightened – this fear is merely fear of the unknown. We yet ignore the temptations to move or scratch, weightlessness becomes the new norm – at least these feelings of weightlessness.

We fall, we float, we vibrate, these are just some of the symptoms we share, into the sleep paralysis the further and deeper we share in these. We all vary in what we experience and where we stand on the spectrum of the paranormal of sleep. On this spectrum we may vibrate, we may bounce, buzz, shake… These vary from time to time and from person to person depending of the human stages, the human mood, or even just merely the unique wiring we inherit.

Human Observation And The Panic Room… What is obvious to one person may not be at all slightly noticeable to another. This is true of the ‘aware paralysed sleeper’. A person right next to us and the blindfold phenomenon we innocently remain the unaware – even amongst a panic of sorts. We remain the least distracted and we rise to the enabled of the empowered sleep-paralysis observer!  

Lucid Being🌜