Aside From Fear, What Dreams May Come – What Dreams Are For!

– Exploring The Nightmare –

Take The Eureka Moment For All Its Worth!

Solving the problems we have, experiencing ghosts, relating to the unknown world scare after scare. Are we losing sight of the core machinations of the nightmare or the ‘real’ alchemy within?

Solutions to our weighted and pending dilemmas, our stress, stressors and the deep dark anxieties that guest appearance inside our dreams we classically perceive as another tangled nightmare. Finding the solution is the inner-world of dimensions we feed right through and right there we reach out and answers are one with us.

This once was ‘negative energy’, the newly focused individual that once was bothered by the nightmare now re-classifies oneself as an original component of all the answers that lie within. This reinvented ‘energy’ – the positive is the life force we all have in conquering dilemmas that strain and tug at what was once an enlightened and pure soul that shines realisation of true existence.

Whether it’s through our long nights of sleep or those fleeting micro naps that take us by surprise, we strive to take these with us into the world of the super subconscious where we continue to ever explore and solve the nagging dilemmas in ‘snapshot form’. Of the timeline we see, feel and touch IS the Eureka Moment For All Its Worth!

Lucid Being