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Ash D. Solomon ā€“ AKA Lucid Beingā€¦ LucidVilleā€¦

ā€˜A Fairy Child switched with an Earthling Child, (according to Folklore and medieval literature) after this earthling child has being secretly stolenā€¦

by fairies?ā€™

ā€˜We find ourselves in the Mystic category, the utmost importance to stop and ask ourselves: ā€“ ā€œAre these emotions that I am experiencing my own, 

or someone elseā€™s?ā€

ā€˜We ask for Astral Direction, Revelation, Guidance, etc. These ā€˜Astral Guidesā€™ we reach out to are co-existing inā€¦

the Astral?ā€™

Ash D. Solomon 

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