Ancestors – Spirit (Blood)Lines – New Blood?

My ancestry, my line of links through not just earth’s timeline but a timeline carved through infinity. The protective, fierce guides of the spirit just waiting for spiritual requests from these (Blood)Lines, never near nor far, primarily our first contact. The varying societies of this world all have their own unique take on past spiritual lineages, yet, this is completely inconsequential as spirit guides largely have no boundaries of time, space, even faith.


Spirit allies right through to the timely omnipotent angels are our most important assets on the great spirit road to infinity and beyond. Realms within realms are our inherent blessing that we honour such connections, find for ourselves our very own alliance that become our most relevant and most prestigious guidance of obvious design. Such spirit conquests are won and lost in the blink of an eye. Our first and foremost tools are awakenings, awarenesses, for these are the scaffolding fallbacks, on the true spirit quest we keep shining this grimy looking glass.

Let’s Connect – Spirit Guides We Seek!

Our ‘gifts’ are our greatest design if we are the universe of ‘matter’ looking back upon myself, for we equip ourselves with the tools of perfections. We reverse engineer our possible pasts, we solve our spirit mazes and find the shortest route.

Connecting with our spirit guides is knowing we are worthy. Knowing we are worthy IS the gift. Society instructs us we are NOT worthy day after day, as ‘matter’ matters more – or so we thought. Waking ourselves before we sleep, before we R.E.M., reminding ourselves that we remember how. We are the gifted experts of the now, and how!

Blessings, guidances, enlightening we all seek are paramount to communication we once knew. We remind ourselves – we remember. We reverse engineer the relationship of gratitude and bring the gratitude to the front, we express this, we communicate this, as spirit timelines back and forth make no difference to past, present, future spirit guides.

We De-Clutter – We Deliver Our Psychic New Realm!

We clear the clutter, we defrag more than our substance, we focus our support system of the spirit kind and we invite the peace, the quiet, the unanimous, the return home.