Pure Directives – Pure Results!

We all specialise in one thing or another, we task the right experts, we are the limitless! Clarity of intention brings with it expediency – successfully finding the shortest route is key. Key is keeping this channel open, such clarity can even translate toward the ‘Roundtable Effect’. 

“Build (It/the Roundtable) and he will come” – Field of Dreams. Starting with our own focus sessions we put a face to a name, a task to a face, gratitude to a sacrifice. This resultant infinity of being is such that we enable the limitless. We feel our words as we say or think them. Practice with just one word, for example – a colour: Light Blue. We see it. We do this all the time everyday, everywhere. Set an agenda, set the colour, the gradient, build the tool shed around the Roundtable. Switch colour. Add more colours, fragrances, feels, sounds, emotions etc. We remember our possible futures the more we master the intangibles. This dedication to our task at hand, our mental and heart-full clarity embraces new realm after new realm of total and complete worthiness – our remembering, our gift we have already received.


We build the Roundtable and THEY will come!

When the oxygen we breath we borrow from this temp universe of ‘matter’? Let’s put ourselves into the place of the spirit guide. The actor’s ‘mirror’ game – “Thank You For Mirroring Me!” 

The highest form of flattery IS imitation. We become the profound, the respected, the wise we are attempting to imitate. Our spirit guides become US! ID versus EGO versus SUPEREGO. We become the helpful, the spiritual, the limitless. If rhythm is the heart of all spiritual quiet, then the whisperings of these spirit guides are the soul ways we endeavour. Lift the (haze) maze – shorten the route. We breath in the air we share with the superior in us!

Wash Away The Junk Energy!

We set example after example all the while. We judge others, we want to be judged with yet the idyllic you and me. We at times (our unguarded moments) become judge, jury, executioner at a moments glance. We quell this and we enable the true adult spirit guides with only the very best intentions into this new equation. 

What We Believe In Others – They Will Become!

This is the Pygmalion Effect, use it wisely. We become what others believe in us more and more we subject ourselves to this powerful and ubiquitous ‘phenomenon’. We rightfully expect the very best  – but do we? Are we continuously expecting the very best, or are we at times expecting the worst? Seeing the worst outcome – this is the ‘monster’ effect. Monster: being merely the metaphor for ‘undesirable outcome’. The more we polish this looking glass the more we see the spirit world unblemished, untethered from worldly expectations, free from false judgements, free to spread our wings and take flight – as we are the worthy/gifted and pure of heart, energy of love, gratitude, peacemakers – Spirit Guide Whisperers!