Angels, My Closest Encounter, Animal Spirit Me, Energy-Verse – We Harmonise, We Expand, We De-Clutter – We Deliver Our Psychic New Realm, My Ancestors – My Spirit (Blood)Lines – New Blood, Let’s Connect – Spirit Guides We Seek, We De-Clutter – We Deliver Our Psychic New Realm, Pure Directives – Pure Results, We build the Roundtable and THEY will come, Wash Away The Junk Energy, Whisperings Of The Divine – They Whisper, We Hear, Ascend My Light – My Body Of Glow, Re-Activate All That Is Psychic – My Immaculate Beyond!

My Giants Within – Bring Me Back To Me!

What is the definition of ‘monster’ that one must only allow whatever is synonymous with monster of merely an ‘outcome’ we did not anticipate?

Realms within realms, courage me up, take hold, for these are my spirit immaculate “I rise my giant within – I embody this realm, this realm within me.”   

Building and shaping this alliance we strengthen these relationships, we align to trust. Immaculate guides enforce me, each step I stride, eternally, gratefully upon this path made of gold. Relationship to the natural, I call out my spirit other-life, envision me where previously I could not see, touch, hear… My spirit world is the golden, if only I could see in this world…

Developing all this alliance comes with it awakening, nurturing that is unseen, felt from within – my spirit within! Where courage borne, vision tempers the sharpened, forges evermore so as this immortal guides and knows no bounds as time, space – what one only humanly knew as this.

What is eternally? An offer to all is guidance, embodies experience, thenceforth transmutes this everyday twist, turn upon twist, turn into our ultimate spirit-state. Such ultimate spirit-states of no beginnings, no ends can only exist as if all happenings through time only are happening now!

The ever so paradoxical notion that ‘we are the universe looking back at ourselves’ once again stretches our once were limited into new realisation, new method. We are our very own ‘precious guidance’, ‘angels’, ‘gods’ twisting, turning this boundless with it eternal we call ‘once was earthly life.’ An earthly life comes with it our enveloping, endless energy that knows no time as we all only once thought we lived such life as spirit-voids.


Gods And Monsters – The Giants We Dream!

Heavenly or spiritually being are the living, dreaming earthly beings we call ‘psychical realm.’ In other words – “I am a spiritual being merely having my own human experience over and over”, rather “We are the guides on this ‘immaculate’ called Life – but not as we once knew it.”

These paths never before taken, once only known as ‘spiritual’, ‘gifted’, strengthened, emboldened like an eternal sunshine of our stain-full paths. Truest paths only once dreamt, shaped, shifted these very own worlds once only known as – these and my own mortal, limited coil.

A fresh new partnership of the most open, free, built upon alliance higher and higher upon oneself whilst all we but dream. Owning our outcomes as only they seed upon realm, able my heart and with it a psychic-immaculate, return once again… my giant within.

These guides (giants) have not a distant cord but a parallel and spirit-ship that evermore with only so far but upon these giants within. Such as these openings of only imaginings we once knew, becoming my looking glass of crystal clear love requiring no invitation, but only a leap from a giant to equal all. These are but just a few of the easiest steps (parallels) of a brand new connect, although what is the measurement of a giant that one must only allow oneself to rise or take rise? What is the definition of ‘monster’ that one must only allow whatever is synonymous with monster of merely an ‘outcome’ we did not anticipate?

See, touch, hear only from the heights we dared not strive, we are the giants we only once dreamt, reality looks back as this universe impeccably can.

Evolving, reverberating, encountering time that is relative, a companionship that runs and pumps new life through us and all, these giants awaiting such word as “welcome, my giant within.”

Angels, My Closest Encounter!

Angels we trust, these are the highly, truly, seen, touched, transcendence prevails all but a past spirit hiatus – we woke! To be or not to be highly borne as this IS our spiritual charge. Guardians my spirit-verse my angels serve, play with only but extensions of this lonely, innocent-verse. Devoted sunrise, associate me, archangels free me, enrich me, learn me of such willing and freedoms within.

Animal Spirits

“My kingdom for a horse!” Power animals of the wisest – my personal alliance I create, I return, I embody all I thought I ever knew. Transcendence, sharpness of being, newfound courage that returns over and over. Symbolism of the ‘animal’ serves me kindly as an arrow to my bow. I take on these fantastical attributes as mechanisms, starting points, triggers to an ever expanding richness of visualised new existence I never dreamt.

Energy-Verse – We Harmonise, We Expand!

We align ourselves as from the very beginning, this circle of infinity embodies my moment of ‘matter’. This whole tactile experience we live, inhale, exhale adds to our universe being complete, this universe only being this expanding vehicle of ‘matter’ – this expands, nukes up our spirit energy so as we outgrow all ‘matter’ we once knew.

Energies of earth, we breath, we touch, we cohabitate so as to leap from in the afterlife, my spirit life, we stretch, we journey, we outgrow what is only temporary, that is only ‘matter’. These energies of earth are the symbolisms through a journey very much lent to us like ever-shrinking training wheels in a ‘matter’ over time.