Whisperings Of The Divine – They Whisper, We Hear!

Mechanisms of the ancient, timeless are the mechanisms of our own voice. Voice sounds are made from vibration, these vibrations are the rhythms we channel to talk openly with our own personal universe that knows our questions/bidding before we ask. The sounds we make we imitate what is rhythm/energy that is the universe. We attune ourselves, we put out the welcome mat by ringing the bell – in this case we ruminate our very own personal vocal sounds as chants. Chantings are our opening credits from spiritual introductions to opening fresh portals to new spirit worlds.

Ascend My Light – My Body Of Glow!

We turn the key, we open the beyond. Seeing ourselves, seeing our guides in our mind’s eye/our spirit eye we glance into the infinity we now inhabit. Attracting our body of light to our own cosmic doorways, new dimensions, our brand new infinite expanse of a finite past. 

Vibrations we colour, vibrations we mouth, in space we sound our chant, we unlock the door to a space teeming with light of the mystical enchantment. Seeing ourselves, feeling ourselves walking through our ‘light blue’ doorway into what we touch, see, hear right through to our ‘imitation game’ we have activated right alongside our greatest spirit alliance of our angels and our closest encounters of the spirit kind.

Express Universe – A Matter In Kind!

The more we welcome, the more we see, we cherish the company  – this is abundant rhetoric that has no bounds/no limit. No bounds can go as far as sharing a joke as breaking the ice just may unlock the door to many a new dimension we walk on through.


Frequencies Of The Abstract!

Hints of messages, broken thought, impressions of a notion, such communicative methods just may be the only tools of talk our guides have at the ready, (hence, the noise and junk of this world). The more we open to these, the more real clarity expands and takes hold of a brand new spiritual being we have become.

Hints From Up Above – Courting The Spiritual!

We remain steadfast to our rudimental tools we already shape, we become better listeners. We decipher new codes such as dreams, songs, feelings we inhabit/they inhabit. Asking for resolutions, hints, answers to new dilemmas. Look for the signs, listen for the signs. We all need reassurance, validation in many a step in life as strong as this reality that our guides also need reassurance and validation. The very best relationships are the ones that are equal, to and fro, mutual respect builds more and stronger mutual respect. This all starts with listening, watching, dreaming, sharing back and forth what we can to demonstrate our purest intentions.

Re-Activate All That Is Psychic – My Immaculate Beyond!

We Re-Connect like we were never apart, likened to the excitement we share when re-connecting with a loved one. New blessings, new messages like never before as we shimmer with this newfound connect of the sacred heart. Always coming back to gratitude will lift credence anew and open a million new possibilities of this psychic world on the pure and the immaculate. Our goodwill thanking, an integral piece of the puzzle, prelude to a dream or a brand new item of small talk such as remarking on the weather will all help lift our communicative and humble channelling.

Bring Me Back To Me!

Being a better human, part and parcel with discovering this almighty road to our new expanse. We let them know of any success, nice feelings, even clarity we share, this is feedback – everyone needs feedback. Feedback allows our giants within to flourish as we piece together all that we once knew only so well.