Empathy Thru To Intuition, Thru To Psychic Awareness And Beyond!

Empathy being an emotional connection with others from time to time, or as a constant state of empathy we feel and sense others’ emotional states?

This intuitive sense can dramatically shift from feeling what others are feeling, to actually experiencing these emotions of others firsthand as if they are our own.

The word Psychic has often throughout time been linked to ones’ abilities to be able to foretell the future. Psychic Awareness is a far wider awareness, although many psychics do foretell futures in various ways, psychics’ abilities are far wider and far deeper than this. True Psychic Awareness is basically the ability to lift ones’ vibrations or frequencies, whether in tune with others or with the higher self. This ‘awareness’ enables psychics to connect with the energies of others, whether for sharing or feeling the energies of others, healing oneself or others through many vibrational means, or for pure enlightenment. This enlightenment can either be deep self awareness or the giving and sharing of these energies for the pure benefit of others.

Psychic Awareness is usually a progression from Empathy and Intuition, but nothing is ever set in stone as to what order these abilities are acquired and/or experienced.

Just some of the many Psychic Awareness Abilities are:



Lucid Dreaming

Prophetic Dreaming

Empathic Dreaming


Just to name a few…

A progression of Empathy such as Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, The Astral Sphere’s Many Various Levels and Uses of A Lucid Being!

– Lucid –

Ash D. Solomon

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