Meditation – Are We Allowing Our Souls To Breath… And Breath Again?

Even for just the shortest amount of time, meditation can work wonders in relaxation, rejuvenation, focus. Just switching off from the outside world, finding a quiet place, just us, allow our souls to breath. Allow ourselves to visualize our auras, visualize the energy field of light all around. We must nurture and protect this energy as much as possible if we are to grow. Be on guard against the negative as far as possible. We are all psychic to a degree, the more we come to accept this the more we allow ourselves to build the awareness, empathy of all other energies, and the real knowledge of the many powers we are all born into.

The energy we focus more than anything is the energy we build. As many higher energies have the capability of filling the room let’s allow this be the strongest influence and presence we encounter. We all remember our personal situations we enjoyed into our utter strongest, highest level of ‘empathic’ associated situations. These situations, either pure empathy, pure selfless love of a child, a parent, a sibling, or a person we pass in the shopping isle. Some of these levels of love can also be achieved and recalled via memories of moments in film or song that have had the highest degree of effect from time to time. It’s about finding that beautiful trigger that opens these doors to the ‘empathic tears of joy’ moments and the most powerful ‘positive’ energies we all have access to – freely!

From moments in life to all the other real moments we all become a little low, these moments we may just need to focus on the white light around all. Focus on rejuvenating this white light often. At times we experience our lows we must remember we have an incredibly powerful device we call ‘belief’. Belief becomes faith, faith becomes knowing, knowing becomes real.

These visualisation to bring back can be used anytime, these are the repetitions we all need – bring us back to that high place we call home.

– lucid –

Ash D. Solomon