The Clairsentient’s First Hand Experience – For The Intuitive And For The Psychic!

These abilities we have at different levels (and timeframes) to intuitively be open to messages that are pure feelings of the mystic. The physical, the emotional intuitive gifts we have time after time. Another name in the broad spectrum for this is Clairsentient Psychic Ability.

Whether these abilities show time after time in ways such as to feel a person’s real intentions before they act or speak. Knowing deep down that someone is about to contact us, or feeling down for a while only to be told of a close friend’s sad news.

We all wonder from moment to moment in life if we are experiencing such gifts for a higher purpose or we accept every clairsentient moment in our stride. Most of us go through the self-questioning of these real mystic abilities. Truth is around 90 percent of the time our channels are Clairsentiently wide open taking in the physical and emotional signals time after time, hunch after hunch.

We listen, we feel our Clairsentient experiences as all other experiences. We clearly take note of the experience, the hunch, the feeling, the result. The more we personally record such things, the more the pieces gather and develop as we go along. As we learn this, we learn to recognise, we learn to summon our abilities like we summon our everyday thoughts.

In all our learning stages we adapt to the experiences and use every emotion as a building block that welcomes and builds on the very next Clairsentient Experience.