Seeking No Audience – Unlike Almost All Else – This is Taoism and Tao = Path, But What Is It Good For?

Common misconceptions about Taoism and The Mystery of the Ancient Taoist only deepen as so little of the ancient texts are successfully translated for the world to see, BUT…

Ironic is the fact that so much of the little translated and little interpreted of the Ancient texts are translated by academics who have not walked the Tao-Path to begin with, also for many who truly walk this walk will hardly profess to doing so in the first place.

First we must move past a misguided assumption that the spirituality of the Eastern World is far more spiritual than that of the Western World. This misconception is cleared if and when we get past this ‘wall of the vague sense’ that comes from so little successfully passed down to begin with.

Rather than explored by spiritual intellectuals abstractly, Taoism must be accessible to ALL, regardless of previous beliefs, education, I.Q, age, race, etc. It gradually appears that the more vague Taoism becomes to the outside world the more vague the understanding becomes and somehow inside the deep vagueness clarity begins. Tao = Path.

Taoism welcomes the humble and sincere, Taoism has no religious aspect and seeks not to ‘grandstand’ and ‘claim’ as religion does, but Taoism is open only to the ‘pure’ and the ‘humble’ of heart, therefore revealing hidden wisdom to those who are open to this ancient and metaphorical language.

Taoism is not an ultimate achievement nor is it a spiritual life but as much as it isn’t – Taoism adds years to our lives and far more life to our years.

But what is the real advantage of Taoism? Nothing! For inside of the Tao we achieve more by doing less, for we express more by saying less. Being Tao is being True, being true is living without the worldly and (spiritual) cravings of acceptance, but cravings of the truth that only we can find, not be shown or led to.

For as they say: “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

Lucid Being