Forest Bathing: (Shinrin-Yoku) Energy – Miraculous. Empower My Spirit Within By Taking A Forest Stroll! Our spiritualities and psychic energies can be nurtured through the act of Bathing in the Forest – (Forest Bathing). 

A practice given significance by the Japanese in the early 1980s, also known as Shinrin-Yoku. Introducing spirituality into our lives naturally coincides with the heightening of physical/mental health and wellbeing amongst the trees.

Our souls want connection with nature even though many of us see psychic energy and spirituality as merely an optional path in life. These new practices of changing our priorities of attention and focus from the material world to the natural world/environment and henceforth – we connect again.

Shinrin-Yoku is in one form (Eco-Therapy), a proven method of conducive-lowering of our blood pressure and the rate of our hearts. All these positive outcomes of this Forest Bathing that bring us closer to nature with added natural side-benefits, such as improving our immune systems to lifting our Vibrational Frequencies.

This kind of Appreciation of Nature – simply putting ourselves in the presence of trees, woods, forest achieve our oneness state and higher ‘Vibrational Frequencies’ by simply doing… Nothing. No exercise, no running, no hiking, no climbing – we bring all this back to No Activity and we achieve the pure benefits of All the above.

This pure energy gives us ‘Illumination’…

We become the essence of what we allow in. The more we stop our materialistic pondering of past and future, the more we vibrate in the present. We take in everything nature is right now!

We cease merely existing on the timeline, but on everything the universe is – the universe doesn’t exist in timelines, but in pixel upon pixel. Even our cognitive skills rise after giving the brain exit from the un-needed stress of society, all the above achieved and enjoyed in a half hour ‘Forest Bathing’.

We Let The Vibrational Frequency Find Us…