An Ethical Computer Simulation And A Plausible Universe?

How ethical would it be for highly sophisticated beings to create such a simulation, and how plausible would the reality of all this be in the first place?

Is it not slightly plausible that other civilisations could survive long enough in advancement to build a virtual universe, virtual inhabitants (humans/aliens) and all the virtual cosmological elements that come with a plausible universe?

Whether us as humans believe this to be true or not we cannot deny statistical probabilities, and these probabilities ARE REAL! All we can do is ask further questions of the ‘nature’ of all of this, earth’s and human history, earth’s and human future?

Where are the atrocious dictators and horrible human figures placed in all of this? Were these highly questionable human beings put here for a purpose, and if so, was this purpose Ethical? What about all the great historical existences of humans and all their great achievements? Is it all pre-planned and if so where did they draw the line and Why draw the line in the first place?

Observational pondering leads these queries onto the next path that explores the possibility that we were created in the creator’s own image, and this image must be that of a reasonably good image. Good ethics, good natures, good intelligence hence the spot we are in on this universal timeline – comparative to our creator/creators that is. Should these ‘other-universe creators’ have taken more care of our horrible histories, should they be intervening in present situations, or is this a case of – training wheels off?

Ethics aside, the odds that we are all simulated are pretty damn good, also pretty good for the theologians (believers in a god or many gods) it all still comes down to our Beginning and where we are going.

Should we be trying to impress our creators or should our creators be trying to impress us?