“I Think – Therefore I Am?” If Not By ‘Form’ But By Image!

Is the growing awakening that ‘Reality’ could be a Hi-Tech Reality-fabrication by immaculate computer systems of our own future or ‘Ascendents’ — taken to a point that we as ‘A Simulation’ cannot tell the difference between what IS Reality and what IS Simulation – and possibly never will?

Forget Virtual Reality and Other ‘Artificial Hi Tech Sensory Input Technologies’ that are changing our existence as we know it from Education, Medicine, Space Exploration, Gaming, War… What Has Really Changed?

Realities that are Simulated from out of Loving or Spurious Machinations of Nature, and on the other hand we would be completely unable or unwilling to perceive truly what is real and what is false. Arguments on this theory concerning our own technological evolution to the very questioning nature of philosophy itself linger on. The age old contentious assumptions by Descartes lingers –

“I think – therefore I Am!”