Scope Of Force And Modernity!

Environment of the open minded raises the chances of success exponentially, whereas any negative thoughts or fears only hinder the process. We are surrounded by what is believed to be force, this force has no boundaries and freely moves through us. Gravity, electricity, television, radio, even wi-fi flows around and through us. Some are natural phenomenons and some are man-made tools of modernity, and nevertheless they all operate and exist.

This knowledge alone should open up possibilities of belief and knowledge one step further in all of us in the scope of many more invisible fields of force. These other fields being of the psychic/spiritual kind. Forces that we are, and may well be forever unaware of the true potential applications, constantly in direct contact with, aware or unaware. This force is limitless, does not play favourites and does not want anything in return. 

For one reason or another, connectedness from our true selves and from this force can easily be detached, manifesting in ‘ailments of warning’. These ailments of warning, when not attended to and or being amongst the many unnatural pollutants that permeate our lives, surely can at times lead to un-ease of the body. Our spiritual force needs attuning-to perhaps more importantly now than ever before.