Immaculate DNA Of Our Tomorrow In Colour!


Immaculate DNA Of Our Tomorrow In Colour!

AI – Our Last Invention, The Intelligent Human Solution, Future Rulerships, Cyber Enlightenment As The New Currency, The Social Versus The Digital Paradox?

It’s not too far out there to assume that the makings of the immaculate computer systems and programs required for such artificial realities is just a stone’s throw away for quantum technology. Futurologists and Philosophers from all fields see this as the sure inevitability of our species to have this very capability in our own hands sooner than later!

These technological forecasts (if true as many believe) in the landscape of our not too stretched imaginations, will graphically enlighten us on the complete beginnings, origins and distant far off futures of (this) universe and more.

The hierarchy and The Top Sight Teams, whether human, non human, (or mixed) from different levels and branches still rely on hierarchy. This hierarchy still needs to exist in any possible form of effective teams of leadership to be productive in any measure. Structures of the open kind, processes more fluid, more management at the ‘top sight’.

More central understanding of the big picture. The most precious of all the commodities known to humans IS the intellectual big picture in colour!

Lucid Being🌙






Immortality And The Afterlife?


Immortality And The Afterlife?

The Materialist, The Dualist, The ‘Immortalist’ And The Criterion!

Eternal Life is Immortality, whether here on earth or on another plane. Immortality is essentially Escaping Death, Unending Existence, Exemption From Dying. For After death if we live on, then we still haven’t escaped death, but lived on in another form. A metamorphosis of being. Does this still constitute Immortality

Continuing Indefinitely throughout Existence with no stoppage of life or consciousness this is really Immortality in its truest form. If the body dies and the soul lives on, or if the body dies and somehow the ‘body’ lives on, then is this Immortality.

Even though there was death in the equation?

Ash Lucid🌙

Distance ‘Life Force’ Healing Is Everyone!


Distance ‘Life Force’ Healing Is Everyone!

Improve, Correct, Perfect Our Overall Well-Being And Potential. This divine existence of spirituality we all have is Chi (Life-Force – Universal), this is healing power that is limitless. In vibration we rise, we boost our positivity, we lift our strength, we gain peace – we live complete.

From the energy of emotions to the energy of our conversations and even purely the energy of our inward and outward focus, we enter the ‘electro’ fields of our own or of others. This healing energy never withers, is in constant change, and forever moves. 

Constant change and movement of energy can and does throw us off balance. This is where the importance of quiet focus and an ever searching of the mindfulness is paramount to the soul.

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Abstract Digital Art Renderings. Pics To Renderings – LUCID🎋

The Moral Incentive And The Human State!


The Moral Incentive And The Human State!

Most of us have been conditioned by the mainstream to expect some sort of moral lesson from all we indulge in. What we usually read in a film and what was originally intended in a film are usually two completely different things. Storytellers of all sorts vary extremely and have a huge spectrum of moral incentives, some ranging to no moral incentive at all and some driven dutifully through the profound philosophy of our human state and more.


Continuity Of Empathy – And Film!


Continuity Of Empathy – And Film!

Empathy is split into two: Mimicry of emotions is what we do subconsciously and this somewhat becomes mental/physical. We automatically search the myriad of mental associations we have stored through life and then instantaneously we link our own most relevant experiences, (even someone else’s) to the experiences on the screen. The Chain Of Emotions Begin! The more adept the filmmaker, actor, cinematography, continuity, music, STORY,  the more powerful and the more unbroken will be the emotional journey.




The Use Of Hyperspace To Enter Real Or Fictional New Dimensions!


The Use Of Hyperspace To Enter Real Or Fictional New Dimensions!

The most common use of the parallel universe concept in science fiction is the concept of hyperspace. Used in science fiction, the term “hyperspace” often refers to a parallel universe that can be used as an acronym for interstellar travel faster than light. 

The reasons for this form of hyperspace vary from job to job, but the two common elements are: It is possible to enter and leave this hyperspace with reasonable ease. There are reasons to enter hyperspace and leave instead of traditional trips (generally because it’s faster than the traditional method).

Sometimes “hyperspace” is used to indicate the concept of additional coordinate axes. In this model, it is assumed that the universe is “crumpled” in a higher spatial dimension, and that a ship traveling in this higher spatial dimension can travel long distances in the common spatial dimensions. 


An analogy is to fold a newspaper into a ball and place a needle in a straight line. The needle will drill widely spaced holes in the two-dimensional surface of the paper. While this idea creates a “new dimension,” it is not an example of a parallel universe. It is a scientifically more plausible use of hyperspace.

Although the use of hyperspace is common, it is used primarily as a tracking device and is therefore of lesser importance. Although the concept can invoke a parallel universe, the nature of the universe is not frequently studied. Although hyperspace stories are the most common use of the concept of the parallel universe in fiction, this is not the most common source of fiction about parallel universes.

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