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The Prestige, Socrates And The Substantiated Fear Of Fairies?


Start Over – Observe The Prestige and Vanquish Nothing!

How often have we had such thoughts as ‘I Wish I Could START OVER!’, Vanquish the Mistakes, Improve on Presence and even just possibly ‘think’ things through greater? Us of the earth (Zen) over time begin to break the negative links and observe as we ARE – if only without corruption of direction we become our own Influencers of The Prestige Observance… More


Socrates And The Spiritual!

Socrates, who wisely spoke the ultimate advice such as ‘Know Thy Self’, ‘True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing‘, ‘I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing’. Socrates also claimed that he had close personal experiences of the psychic kind, or spiritual kind, whichever translates well with our ‘accepted understanding’… More


Changelings, Fear Of Fairies And The Earthling Avatar!

Also thrown into the mix was the switching of the elderly for the young and the young for the elderly. The body merely as the avatar (shell) and at times a ‘soul switch’. In awareness and healthy fear of these occurrences, the earthling parents would go to such extremes as to utilising charms. These charms would scare off any chance of the earthing child theft. Even such lengths as to even stay and constantly guard over the child day and night in fear of fairies… More




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Enter The Limitless Lucid Road!


Enter The Limitless Lucid Road!

This is prominently the mind-body-spirit connection that all of us have in our capabilities right through existence whether before, through or after this physical realm.

As our consciousness develops outside the box of conventional thought we realize that in this state we have become very suggestible. This suggestibility is not unlike being under a hypnotized state. In this miraculous state we can heal! This auto-suggestion can be likened to hypnotherapy, healing ranging from arthritic pain, cartilage pain, back pain through to mental blockages in learning/memory retention/memory recall, even the further we go we discover new spiritual/psychic abilities we never dreamed existed.

We will direct the unlimited psychic energy to our areas of interest. We liken these new healing abilities to elite sportspeople mentally preparing for a world’s top level tennis match or running and winning a marathon or race driving the Indi 500.

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Psychic Rumination Or Simply Meditation To An Ultimate State!


Psychic Rumination Or Simply Meditation To An Ultimate State!

Actuality is that psychic healing has been widely accepted in many fields as being a powerful curing device, working together to bring in a whole array of balances that mind, body and spirit can rise up to together, for a higher psychic level of being.

Perfected Oxygenation, Improvement of sleep and dream patterns, the flow of Blood and vitality of bodily instruments to our potential of a pristine being. Taking our bodies to the higher level of expelling the poisons that weigh us down. Raised Energy Levels, Happiness, Clarity of Thought, Equalibrium of Emotional States, Wisdom of the Light.




Exploring Déjà Vu – In Our Present!


Exploring Déjà Vu – In Our Present!

So much is not known about Déjà Vu despite the frequency in which this phenomenon occurs. Déjà vu – a sense of familiarity of or with something already experienced or lived. French – Already Seen.

The limited research that has been documented is that this has a propensity of occurring on ‘average’ once a year for both males and females. This frequency deserves a slightly closer look: Going by these conservative numbers – Once per year; taking a group of only 365 people and we have this phenomenon occurring once per day. Take a country like Australia for example with a population of 24 Million and/or America with 325 Million – this figure lifts the frequency of occurrence to safely stating that there isn’t a moment that goes by without this phenomenon taking place. Just the density/activity getting richer and stranger.


Déjà Vu comes under ‘four’ different categories we can scientifically identify: Memory, Duel Processing, Attentional and Neurological:

Our Memories are made up of Encounters, these encounters become Varied Information. This varied information mostly gets dropped or lost through the course of a day without much attention being paid to what gets taken in and what gets lost. Sources of Familiarity with this Information or Mental Association we build are constantly dropped from the equation of our thoughts so as not to jumble our everyday operation of ‘Being Human’. Our brains process and reprocess information, this odd or strange information gets to the reprocessing grid and sure enough a strong ‘sense of familiarity’ strikes. The more we ponder the real trace of this thought, the more we become awestruck and ‘mechanically or paranormally’ touched by the past, present or future instance.

Our Dual Processing, which is quite common – this mental phenomenon is the ‘bi-operation’ of our thoughts that can also trigger this ‘strange sense’ experience. Occasionally our memories and our perceptions can become out of sync. Causing the sensation of ‘timing out of place’, our familiarity and storage retrieval of information being momentarily disjointed, leading to us asking the paranormal big question – “have I been here before – have I sensed this before?”


Our Attentional Déjà Vu is really ‘Out of the Blink of an Eye’. For example we see a truck go past with a huge sign saying ‘Welcome’, although we weren’t paying attention because we were on the phone explaining why we forgot the ‘Cat’s Toilet’. The ‘Welcome’ sign gets processed nonetheless and triggers a strong eerie feeling the next time we see this sign – even on TV or in a Magazine. This kind of ‘attentional memory sense’ can occur or reoccur at any time in our lives, making this phenomenon even more bizarre.

Possible Neurological is a fault in our normal processing causing a delay, slowing down the delivery of information from either of the perception senses. This is purely mechanical. Some causes could be due to possible illness, physical trauma or emotionally ‘suppressed’ trauma.


Things To Come, Past Lives and More…

Even though the French have described this term – ‘Already Seen’, what about ‘Events To Come’, Or ‘People We Knew In Past Lives’. Our memories get ‘Sparked’. Are these happenings merely ‘signs’ that we have a spiritual task not yet completed, or a person/soul we knew many lives ago – we are to stay the hell away from? Or are they our loving ‘Soul Mate’ who have finally found us? We all have projects in our lives not yet finished or abandoned. What about projects of many many lives ago that somehow need completion? Life Tasks that unwaveringly find us through relentless hunches, visions, feelings, dreams, premonitions or cryptic messages.

All this brings us closer to the ‘mystical’ world of Déjà Vu. When and where this happens is inconsequential – it happens, and it is (mostly) a gift – whether mechanical or spiritual. Our response is the question. We must remember there is NOT only one road to the Spirit World and Beyond. If little hints along our path open us up to the many other roads/energies of the spirit world then Déjà Vu is surely just a part of many pieces in the scheme. A glitch in time and the bending of rules morph into the only reality we ever knew – if not for a brief moment in time. We need to at times ‘act on synchronicities’, to say yes to welcome the other spirit highways.


The Uncanny Déjà Vu we all have brushes with in life could very well be explained as Mental Mechanical Quirks, Memory Junk, Coincidence, yet, for many, Déjà Vu and Dreams fall into the same category. If dreams for instance have the ability to paint to us on the landscape of our minds an event that will take place a week from today – and it does, so too can Déjà Vu have a special place in our Psychic Energy Reservoir.

Famous Quote: “We are living in a computer-programmed reality, and the only clue we have to it is when some variable is changed, and some alteration in reality occurs. We have the overwhelming impression that we were reliving the present – deja vu”.Philip K. Dick

Notable Films With Déjà Vu Themes: Déjà Vu, Premonition, Groundhog Day, Before I Fall, Christmas Every Day, Doctor Strange, Predestination.

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Lost In Transition? – Spirits To Ghosts And The Endless Sightings We Still Question!


Lost In Transition? – Spirits To Ghosts And The Endless Sightings We Still Question!

Consensus of Probability in Sightings cover all cultures and ages worldwide. The independence of these cultures prove the existence somewhat, sightings and corroboration of the ‘numerous’ only illustrate the sincerity of existence even more so again.

Apparitions of familiar loved ones moments before, during, after passing, with no common knowledge of impending danger or bad health – this is ‘trauma apparition’. Significant distance is quite common. Distance and time is of the irrelevant. Nonetheless, this distance becomes the more so collaborative in the real probabilities of the existence of apparitions.


The shadows of our remnant energies, (apparitions), that outlive the physical and manifests as the ‘image echo’, apparently left behind, but sometimes can be witnessed concurrently – as a bilocation occurrence. Whether it’s this energy of ‘will’ or character of spirit that can shine these happenings brighter so, is an independent equation, for the existence is the distinction. The level of the clarity in form depends on the recipients of the apparition’s receptiveness and/or the energy of the apparition itself, or both. Be that as it may – this energy survives!

Taking apparitions even further is the chilling exhibits that are shared or witnessed such as: Occurrences of Touch, Sound, Smell of these ‘shadow beings’ left behind. These human sense factors of presence tell us that there IS far more than mere apparitions (left over energies). Conditions varying, the spectrum of strength and clarity may swing one moment to the next.


Dreams, delusions, hallucinations, hoaxes or wishful glimpses of the fantastical throughout time for many cannot be taken out of the equation, but when more than one has experienced or witnessed the same apparition/visitation completely independently, then multiple truths arise. All activity of the paranormal or supernatural can be simplified and assumptions worked in and about the same way.

Plausibility that spirits are ghosts and ghosts are spirits of humans passed is the question, consistency just may be the only evidence we get, considering the many more possible dimensions there are, over and beyond our well accepted three dimensions plus time, some ghosts just may find themselves ‘Lost In Transition’. 

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Code X! – The Code Of All Codes (In A Gift Universe?)


Code X! – The Code Of All Codes (In A Gift Universe?)

The Theory (Or Reality) that We are Simply Code Created by Code!

While it is Good Philosophy to wonder about our tiny selves in this Universe – how we fit in with the scheme of things, and how we improve or even want to improve if all this were true?

Throughout history humans have made their own simulations for one purpose or another and inevitably we are all collectively heading toward that special place in time where we are able to manufacture the perfect simulation. This will scientifically prove to ourselves once and for all that the ‘us’ are existing inside of other simulations and so on, one of many Russian Dolls – just the beginning.


We already adopt the powerful outputs of coding into extreme research possibilities. This data we call information we then figure out ways to reach even further with no end in sight. Whether this capability be used in scientific research, gaming to entertainment, education to spawn new hunger for further research, Spurious Intelligence and / or War.

Simulations that we create of other living beings shine a whole new light on complex behavioural systems such as bees and ants for directional systems and other minute behaviours we haven’t even started to fully understand as yet. All this and right through to the behaviour of galaxies – or even The Human Soul.

The thought of implanting pure human decision making into these computer programs we are developing to Human cognition and reasoning working together with machines and transport. Simulations developed by us will safeguard the safety of such exercises by simply being born out of earlier simulations systematically irradiating the error out of (old) trial and error.


The ability for us to create automatons not with artificial intelligence but with pure consciousness! Ironically, further advanced experiments in quantum computing simulations will take us even closer to the whole mapping of our very own thoughts – and what we are going to think next.

The vast number of these simulations may even start to take on a whole new consciousness of their own and possibly leave us completely out of the loop. Realistically there are statistically millions of other intelligent Life systems like ours that are even far more advanced than ours with real probabilities that these beings have already reached or surpassed this point. So what then?

Law of averages adds more and more weight to this supposition every day, taking science fiction theory to science fact, and drawing our ‘what if’ scenarios to new heights ever so upwardly. Human endeavour to persevere in this direction outweighs the religious creationism’s fear of futurism – as the sound humanistic ethics far outweigh the desire for scientific ignorance and entropy.


The clues are right in front of us: the definitive fine tuning of the quantum physics of life around us IS the mathematics of the engineering. Numbers that hold the universe together, numbers that hold our bodies together, we are intrigued by these same numbers, constantly on this human journey of knowledge to one day have the power ourselves to one day emulate the universe and beyond! Numbers and components in nature, however how minute they are, being the calling card clue to intelligent design of the human race.

Life is impossible to go on or even exist without intricate tuning that makes it possible in the first place for the valid system to Appear and Exist.

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Only One Opponent To Immortality – And This Is Death – I See On The Horizon!


Only One Opponent To Immortality – And This Is Death – I See On The Horizon!

How close are humans to the reality of uploading our brains and enjoying the benefits of Immortality, and is it truly our natural destiny – or never ending story?

There is only one opponent to immortality – and this is death! It goes without saying that up until this pie in the sky technology kicks in, death is a reality – death is inevitable. To beat this inevitability we must either shift our consciousness, or possibly conquer and prevent human cell breakdown. Whichever comes first IS the Holy Grail. Will this holy grail become a basic human right – a right to live forever?


First things first is the giant task of completely understanding the mysteries of the human brain for the ultimate or partial upload to take place. This achievement will free a human from the physical ‘ball and chain’ of the all too common collision course we are all on with breakdown of the cells.

The big questions beckon as the notion of immortality knocks. Over-population, indefinite health-care, legalities, affordability are just some of the pending issues facing a horizon of a million more questions stacking.

Character, personality, feelings, tastes, humour, intelligence, memories, phobias, habits, grudges, passions and love are all part and parcel of this transfer, whether it be into a new body or cradled into an artificial stationary unit, of course awaiting robotics to catch up. These are just some more elements and questions of a revolution our planet will undoubtedly see – (or endure).


Understanding our brains to a tee is still the biggest step in advancement in this frontier. Capturing thoughts, memories, ideas is key. Transferring a wave of consciousness we conjure millisecond after millisecond, like casting a fishing rod into the Deep Mysterious Mariana Trench and expecting a viable catch each throw. Just as this race for advancement in this field zeros in, thus is the conquering of a multitude of psychological and brain mysteries – still in the too hard basket. Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Schizophrenia, Depression, and many more will surely be problems of the distant past.

Deep Mapping and monitoring on an ongoing basis is surely part of this milestone of discovery. Gathering of new information, recall of memories, conscious and unconscious thoughts that make up our deep mental world. Tapping deep into these workings is last century’s Everest Climb.


New questions arise: these being the question of a soul and if so, the influence of a soul on our thoughts. Can our mental worlds be copied into a computer-like device and still ‘think’ as we do but outside of our bodies? Is it even possible that ‘this thinking’ outside of our bodies can be even more clear than ever before, wave upon wave of productive and creative thinking unleashed away from the ball and chain? Is it inevitable that ‘ethics and governing’ of such technology will naturally have to be implemented to protect any vulnerability in individuals or even ‘targeted vulnerability’. These very real concerns are not unlike the premise of the film Inception, where information is extracted and stolen through a victim’s dreams. The Mind uploading concept could very well enable unscrupulous behaviour as to steal or ‘implant’ thoughts and ideas or ‘instructions’ into an unaware victim of the unthinkable.

Another scenario is the real possibility of duplicating our brains, minds, mental worlds as a safely net – fall back system. An insurance system in case an unexpected unthinkable occurs. An accident, a stroke, a sudden brain trauma of any kind that could put at risk our normal cogent process of thought and decision making. A backup of all memories in case of ‘fade’. This looming technology can even replace exotic unsafe travel to far off destinations, experiencing all the usual perception senses intake of a trip while safe in our own homes. Underwater and Space discovery and so on…


Ones and zeros of a computer system: is this what makes us who we are? Once removed from the physical, can we still form the same thoughts and memories or even laugh? Is it from then on just a survival form of existence similar to a lifeboat (limited navigation). A motionless and stagnant state with thoughts but no real awareness that make us – us. These varied scenarios may all come to fruition along the timeline path of the holy grail and yet all natural (organic) thought transferring or duplicating may just be around the corner – as we peer on.

Similar to an early computer that fills a room advancing so much as to presently fitting on one’s own wrist – all in a person’s lifetime. Miracles of human collaborative-thought and advancement knows no bounds but the imaginary!

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Focus Is The New IQ!


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