Exploring Déjà Vu – Somewhere In Time!

So much is not known about Déjà Vu despite the frequency in which this phenomenon occurs. Déjà vu – a sense of familiarity of or with something already experienced or lived.

French Definition – Already Seen.

The limited research that has been documented is that this has a propensity of occurring on ‘average’ once a year for both males and females. This frequency deserves a slightly closer look: Going by these conservative numbers – Once per year; taking a group of only 365 people and we have this phenomenon occurring once per day. Take a country like Australia for example with a population of 24 Million and/or America with 325 Million – this figure lifts the frequency of occurrence to safely stating that there isn’t a moment that goes by without this phenomenon taking place. Just the density/activity getting richer and stranger.

Déjà Vu comes under ‘four’ different categories we can scientifically identify: Memory, Duel Processing, Attentional and Neurological:

Our Memories are made up of Encounters, these encounters become Varied Information. This varied information mostly gets dropped or lost through the course of a day without much attention being paid to what gets taken in and what gets lost. Sources of Familiarity with this Information or Mental Association we build are constantly dropped from the equation of our thoughts so as not to jumble our everyday operation of ‘Being Human’. Our brains process and reprocess information, this odd or strange information gets to the reprocessing grid and sure enough a strong ‘sense of familiarity’ strikes. The more we ponder the real trace of this thought, the more we become awestruck and ‘mechanically or paranormally’ touched by the past, present or future instance.

Our Dual Processing, which is quite common – this mental phenomenon is the ‘bi-operation’ of our thoughts that can also trigger this ‘strange sense’ experience. Occasionally our memories and our perceptions can become out of sync. Causing the sensation of ‘timing out of place’, our familiarity and storage retrieval of information being momentarily disjointed, leading to us asking the paranormal big question – “have I been here before – have I sensed this before?”

Our Attentional Déjà Vu is really ‘Out of the Blink of an Eye’. For example we see a truck go past with a huge sign saying ‘Welcome’, although we weren’t paying attention because we were on the phone explaining why we forgot the ‘Cat’s Toilet’. The ‘Welcome’ sign gets processed nonetheless and triggers a strong eerie feeling the next time we see this sign – even on TV or in a Magazine. This kind of ‘attentional memory sense’ can occur or reoccur at any time in our lives, making this phenomenon even more bizarre.

Possible Neurological is a fault in our normal processing causing a delay, slowing down the delivery of information from either of the perception senses. This is purely mechanical. Some causes could be due to possible illness, physical trauma or emotionally ‘suppressed’ trauma.

Things To Come, Past Lives and More…

Even though the French have described this term – ‘Already Seen’, what about ‘Events To Come’, Or ‘People We Knew In Past Lives’. Our memories get ‘Sparked’. Are these happenings merely ‘signs’ that we have a spiritual task not yet completed, or a person/soul we knew many lives ago – we are to stay the hell away from? Or are they our loving ‘Soul Mate’ who have finally found us? We all have projects in our lives not yet finished or abandoned. What about projects of many many lives ago that somehow need completion? Life Tasks that unwaveringly find us through relentless hunches, visions, feelings, dreams, premonitions or cryptic messages. 

All this brings us closer to the ‘mystical’ world of Déjà Vu. When and where this happens is inconsequential – it happens, and it is (mostly) a gift – whether mechanical or spiritual. Our response is the question. We must remember there is NOT only one road to the Spirit World and Beyond. If little hints along our path open us up to the many other roads/energies of the spirit world then Déjà Vu is surely just a part of many pieces in the scheme. A glitch in time and the bending of rules morph into the only reality we ever knew – if not for a brief moment in time. We need to at times ‘act on synchronicities’, to say yes to welcome the other spirit highways.

The Uncanny Déjà Vu we all have brushes with in life could very well be explained as Mental Mechanical Quirks, Memory Junk, Coincidence, yet, for many, Déjà Vu and Dreams fall into the same category. If dreams for instance have the ability to paint to us on the landscape of our minds an event that will take place a week from today – and it does, so too can Déjà Vu have a special place in our Psychic Energy Reservoir.              

Famous Quote:

“We are living in a computer-programmed reality, and the only clue we have to it is when some variable is changed, and some alteration in reality occurs. We have the overwhelming impression that we were reliving the present – deja vu”.  Philip K. Dick

Notable Films With Déjà Vu Themes: Déjà Vu, Premonition, Groundhog Day, Before I Fall, Christmas Every Day, Doctor Strange, Predestination.

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