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Further Energy Healing, Lucid Dreams, Déjà Vu, Dream Tunnels, Parallel Realities, What Is Time, Real Histories, Futurism, Philosophical Change To Exist, And More…😊





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Learn/Take Hold: Further Energy Healing, Lucid Dreams, Dream Tunnels, Parallel Realities, What Is Time?, Real Histories, Futurism, Philosophical Change To Exist, And Much More…

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Senses We Rely On – Dream Or Reality?


Senses We Rely On – Dream Or Reality?

Dreams we Dream don’t take the simulation theory for what it is – but for what it isn’t. The Condition of the Dream demonstrates proof that one cannot seperate the real world from an illusion of a real world experienced.

The memory of experiences as state-of-awake and state-of-dream get blurred and this fact alone should push us to examine both experiences with an unbiased reasoning to somehow fathom which is more real, and which senses do we ‘actually’ rely upon?


Hypnagogic Speech – And The Falling!


Hypnagogic Speech – And The Falling!

The Inner Voice, snippets of sentences, comments or statements startlingly thrown about as we drift off.

Poetry, song lyrics, film dialogue are all also possible ingredients of this common phenomena. Along with all these experiences and effects, the most common we all have had from time to time are: ‘Our Names Being Yelled Out’, ‘The Falling’ And ‘The Hypnic Jerk.’


Why The Cryptic Symbolism?


Why The Cryptic Symbolism?

Many of us believe that if we are meant to have a psychic or spiritual dream or vision, then we would just have them as clear as day, like a television or radio frequency we turn on or off.

Why the Cryptic Symbolism, why the Vague Pieces we try to hold together after we awaken?


In A Dreamer’s Lifetime!


In A Dreamer’s Lifetime!

During a typical lifespan, a person spends a total of about six years dreaming!


Dreams To Reach Forward To Future And Past!


Dreams To Reach Forward To Future And Past!

Aristotle carried out an inquiry into allegedly prophetic dreams in his On Divination in Sleep.

He accepted that “it is quite conceivable that some dreams may be tokens and causes [of future events]” but also believed that “most [so-called prophetic] dreams are, however, to be classed as mere coincidences…”.

Where Democritus had suggested that emanations from future events could be sent back to the dreamer, Aristotle proposed that it was, rather, the dreamer’s sense impressions which reached forward to the event.

Either Way The Connection Is Undoubted!


In A Dreamer’s Lifetime!


In A Dreamer’s Lifetime!

During a typical lifespan, a person spends a total of about six years dreaming!


Dreams – Throw Caution To The Wind!


Dreams – Throw Caution To The Wind!

During most dreams, the person dreaming is not aware that they are dreaming, no matter how absurd, eccentric or dangerous the dream appears.

The reason for this may be that the prefrontal cortex, the region of the brain responsible for logic and planning, exhibits decreased activity during dreams. This allows the dreamer to more actively interact with the dream without thinking about what might happen, since things that would normally stand out in reality blend in with the dream scenery.


Oracle Dreamers Of The Ancient!


Oracle Dreamers Of The Ancient!

In ancient Egypt, as far back as 2000 BC, the Egyptians wrote down their dreams on papyrus.

People with vivid and significant dreams were thought blessed and were considered special. Ancient Egyptians believed that dreams were like oracles, bringing messages from the gods.

They thought that the best way to receive divine revelation was through dreaming and thus they would induce (or “incubate”) dreams. Egyptians would go to sanctuaries and sleep on special “dream beds” in hope of receiving advice, comfort, or healing from the gods.


In Respect Of The Bad Dream!


In Respect Of The Bad Dream!

It has been recommended that sufferers of bad dreams could profit by the capacity to know they are to be sure they are in fact bad dreaming.

A philosophical think about was performed in 2006 that demonstrated that clear envisioning treatment was fruitful in lessening bad dream recurrence. This treatment comprised of introduction to the thought, authority of the strategy, and clarity of the task at hand. It was not clear what parts of the treatment were in charge of the achievement of conquering bad dreams, however, the treatment all in all was said to be fruitful.


Lucid Being🍃


Lucid Being🍃


Lucid Being🍃


Avatar – The Dualism We Have In Common!


Avatar – The Dualism We Have In Common!

Metaphors of Reincarnation are layered thick inside the core of Avatar, Buddhism and the lifecycle of our very own identity destination after we pass over – and into what form?

This transitioning from body to body Jake goes through in Avatar is the spiritual dualism life goes through from now to the next. Ideally, Jake has full recollection of his original identity as he transitions – unlike the widely accepted axiom of completely losing one’s identity/memories in our own passing over, as we ourselves are soul-transmigrated.

Lucid Being


Lucid Being🍃


Lucid Being🍃


Lucid Being🍃


The Thirteenth Floor – Even The Virtual Memories!


The Thirteenth Floor – Even The Virtual Memories!

The Thirteenth Floor, where virtual worlds are created to experience a different time in history, but the perceived time in which this experiment originates is yet another time in history altogether.

Their reality is far different to what they once thought and they are shockingly part of a more futuristic place in time where they are the inhabitants elaborately run by simulations of a far different looking world once again.

In this film it is brilliantly illustrated to us that the characters, while experiencing both worlds, perceive the same sensations that one cannot tell the difference – even in memories!

Lucid Being

The Real Dreamers


Lucid Being🍃


Lucid Being🍃


The Meditative – We Re-Shape We Re- Focus!


The Meditative – We Re-Shape We Re- Focus!

The Slowing Down of the Activity of the Brain is what occurs during deep meditation. The Frequencies that result in this deep-slower brainwave activity allow the brain to re-organize and re-shape in these more conducive frequencies – such as The Alpha, The Theta and The Delta Waves. Most higher benefits occurring through the practice of Focused Meditation – this focus being either Objects, Universe, Breathing, Subjects, Music etc.

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Lucid Being🍃


Lucid Being🍃


Lucid Being🍃


Lucid Being🍃


Lucid Being🍃


Lucid Being🍃


Lucid Being🍃